Checking in from the road

Little Buddha wants to show you that Mommy did, in fact, stay up late the night before leaving town to sew a couple of wee wonderful kitties. I stuffed them in the car the first night and then sewed up the last bit when we got to the hotel, so the boys had them by bedtime our first night away from home. I had low expectations about how much the boys would like them, so I was thrilled that they both became instantly and thoroughly attached to them.

More pics from the road later. I’m about halfway done with Cozy and think I’ll finish before we get home. I’ve done a bit on the Simply Lovely Lace Socks but haven’t broken into my knitting suitcase yet. It’s too bloody hot to even think about starting on my wool cardigan.

The layette I made for Baby J (who is completely beautiful) was enthusiastically received. I tell ya, newborns are magical creatures. I can’t quit looking and smiling at this little guy, and my boys seem to know he’s something special too – always giving him kisses and gentle pats on the head. We are all in love.

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