Ready to ride

Tomorrow afternoon we will hit the road, headed for vacation time with family. You can rest assured that I have my priorities straight. In packing, first things came first:

Here are the contents of my knitting bag, ready for at least 400 miles of fun. (The trip is 800 and if My Old Man and I split the driving equally, that means at least 6 hours of knit time for me). As you can see, I’m overly optimistic about how much of Cozy I can get done on the drive – I’ve put all the skeins of Mandalay in my bag because I can’t risk running out en route.

And in case I tire of Cozy, I’ve got my Simply Lovely Lace Sock (pattern in IK Spring 2006) ready to do back-up.

But I can’t leave for 2 1/2 weeks with only my knitting bag. So here is a little suitcase I’ve packed, with extra yarn, needles, and patterns. Believe me when I say I placed severe limits on myself in packing this. I’m only bringing 2 skeins of the Lamb’s Pride for the cardigan, when I really wanted to bring all 6 (but even I’m not that unrealistic). And I took out the three balls of Manos cotton that I thought I might make a Log Cabin square from. In addition to the Lamb’s Pride, I limited myself to the rest of the yarn for the Simply Lovely Lace Socks, the JaggerSpun Zepphyr for the Peace Shawl, the Lorna’s Laces Worsted, some Bernat Cottontots in case I decide Baby J needs one more little hat, and a skein of bamboo for a headband. Plus almost every needle I own. Do you think this will be enough?

And for those of you keeping a tally at home, here’s something you can add to the list of things I suck at: embroidery.

Here’s my Wee Wonderful bear. It only took me a day to put him (her?) together. But it took me a week to get the face on, and the eyes are all wonky and I’m going to have to take the nose off and reattach it along with at least one eye. Am hoping Baby J doesn’t mind too much. My boys are crazy about him/her. I have all the pieces cut out to make them each a cat, which I had hoped to do before we left tomorrow. Think I’ll stay up and do it?
Stay tuned….

6 thoughts on “Ready to ride

  1. i have totally not been to your blog lately! 😦 i think you really need to bring more yarn though (this coming from the man who packed a lawn and leaf garbage bag along with his 2 knitting bags and then bought more while there. i’ve learned from that experience, though…. really 😉

    have a marvelous vacation!!!! drive safe!

  2. Enjoy your vacation! It certainly looks like you’ll have plenty of knitting to keep you busy! I have to say, I totally agree with bringing a suitcase of yarn .. just in case! But then, I often bring an extra suitcase anyway .. mine fit inside eachother, so I pack the small one in the bigger one and then I have plenty of room to bring things home!

  3. Have a great vacation! I brought a ton of knitting with me on vaction too — it’s always best to be prepared. 😉

    I think the bear is adorable, and I LOVE his nose!!

  4. I can completely relate.
    I’m leaving for 2 weeks on a work trip and I’m going to struggle not to bring every WIP I have on the needles. Last time I traveled for 4 days my knitting had it’s own suitcase and I checked my clothing bag to be sure the knitting never left my side.

    Have a great time!!

  5. I hope your vacation goes well (or went well at this point)! I always have my knitting packed first too – the only way to travel!

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