Mine and Not Mine

My boys are at that age when they like to pronounce their ownership of anything/everything they see. “My outside!” Little Buddha proclaims. “My goggy,” he tells me, pointing at someone else’s doggy. “Mines!” they both yell when arguing over a favorite CD/book/toy. They don’t yet have an appreciation for the boundary between what is theirs and what is not.

This week, I’ve been navigating that boundary myself.

Last weekend, I drooled over the brand-new Wee Wonderful patternbook that Hillary has recently put out. By the time I read about it, she had already sold out. But a little voice inside me kept saying, “Mines!” Turns out she did a quick turn-around second print. And on Tuesday….

…this was in my mailbox.

Then I went shopping for color cards for Lamb’s Pride bulky yarn, so I could pick a color for this sweater, which I want to make for myself before my Summer of Selfish Knitting is over. The cards shipped on Tuesday.

Then on Thursday, a big package from Paradise Fibers arrived. I was shocked and delighted, because I had no memory of having ordered any yarn lately. When I opened it up, this is what I found.

Six skeins of Brown Sheep Nature Spun.

“Who sent this to me?” I excitedly wondered, tearing into the packing slip. Alas, it wasn’t mine. It was supposed to go to someone in Oregon. Paradise Fibers is the company I had ordered my color cards from, so clearly there was some mix-up. I’m currently working on getting the yarn to the person waiting on it in Oregon. I was bummed to think that it would be several days before I got my color cards.

Then today, I opened the mailbox and this was there.

two color cards of Lamb’s Pride goodness.

I want to do the sweater in red. There are so many yummy shades of red – how will I ever decide. I love mulling over these kinds of choices.

Now it’s time to make way for the yarn I’ll be ordering. Here’s a sneak-peek at part of tomorrow’s Saturday Seven, something that will no longer be mine. Three-plus skeins of Numei’s cotton chenille that I’ve passed on to Becky.

Pretty colors. Hated working with it. (I like Crystal Palace cotton chenille far better).

And finally, in an up-and-down week of mine versus not-mine and knit versus frog, something that is Mine! All Mine!

Cozy, eight inches in.

6 thoughts on “Mine and Not Mine

  1. I made a fabulous sweater from the FCC pattern at woolywonder.com out of the Praire Fire red. I’d totally recommend it.

  2. Oooh, the Prairie Fire red is definitely one I’ve been considering. I love the heathered look! But I also really like the Blue Blood Red and Spice. I hope to decide soon.

  3. Wow, that sweater is really gorgeous! I can’t wait to see what color you choose.

    Sorry to hear about all the frogging, but Cozy is looking lovely!

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