I am Sisyphus

I started Cozy again last night (thanks for the encouragement, folks!).

I frogged Cozy again this afternoon.

Knit. Tink. Frog. Repeat.

Total number of times frogged: 3.

The first time, I got 2 pattern repeats in when I realized my edges were wonky. I was doing the selvage wrong – slipping the first stitch (purlwise) but not knitting the last stitch of every row. So I had a chain edge on one side and a bumpy edge on the other. Frogged.

The second time, I got almost 2 pattern repeats in when I somehow screwed up the 7th row. I tinked repeatedly but couldn’t get things fixed (this night was otherwise known as the Blueberry Poop night). After a week of setting Cozy aside, I frogged.

The third time, I got to the 7th row of the 1st repeat. Something was awry. I had an extra stitch at the end but couldn’t figure out how. I tinked, reworked. Basically, it seemed to be the same problem as the last time. I somehow threw myself off with the two extra stitches I had added for to make the selvages work the way I thought they should (based on advice I got at KH). It should’ve worked. By every calculation, it worked. It worked on every other row I did. But somehow on row 7 I kept getting messed up by the extra stitch at the beginning and the end (at the end of row 7, when it tells you what to do when you have 5 sts left, I should’ve had 6 left b/c of the selvage, but I kept having 7).

So I have frogged and am just going to do exactly what the pattern says. I have never not done a selvage (except when knitting in the round, of course) b/c I’ve never trusted that I can get the edge smooth without doing it. We’ll see….

Because I am Sisyphus, I obviously couldn’t go to bed without pushing that rock up the hill one more time. So I went ahead and cast on again and started knitting. I made it through row 7 with the exact right number of stitches. Could it possibly be that I won’t be frogging this time?

Oh, the upside of all this is that I finally figured out how to artfully tink sl1, k2tog, psso.

3 thoughts on “I am Sisyphus

  1. Sorry you’ve had so much trouble! I’d recommend a lifeline so you don’t have to rip out the whole thing again!

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