Amazing Lace Challenge #4

Challenge #4:

Is your camera feeling abandoned, neglected, and ignored after the poetry challenge? Do you find bad pictures of yourself showing up all over the internet and wonder how they got there? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, Challenge #4 has just the answer. Get ready to take some photos!
Your question: If you bound off your lace RIGHT NOW – what could it be used for?

Your challenge: One photo of your lace in a reasonable approximation of its potential use at this very momeny posted to your blog (or photohosting account) by midnight EDT (UTC -4:00), July 16. Post a comment on this entry with the link to officially enter.
Legal Disclaimer: No lace should actually be harmed in the execution of this challenge. Please exercise due diligence when dealing with many tiny unbound stitches.

If I bound off right now…. Well, I couldn’t really “bind off” per se, since I have now frogged Cozy twice and haven’t yet restarted. So let’s change “bound off” to “gave up.” If I gave up right now, my project could be used for….

A cat toy.
Cliche? Or classic?
You decide.

*As per instructions, no lace was actually harmed in the execution of this challenge. The hand of the lace-knitter, however, was scratched when she tried to retrieve her yarn.

4 thoughts on “Amazing Lace Challenge #4

  1. Perfect! I love your response to challenge 4!

    I hope you haven’t given up. My project I frogged so many times I quit counting. And now I’m tinking back 5 very long rows (of zephyr). YOU CAN DO IT! Don’t give up!

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