I had to do it.

I’m sick about it, but I didn’t feel I had a choice. I frogged Cozy. Again. One row shy of where I was when I frogged the first time.

The problem was that after all the tinking and counting and re-tinking and trying to figure out exactly where I’d messed up and exactly what to do about it, I became paralyzed. I haven’t picked Cozy up since Tuesday of last week because I knew when I did I’d have all this figuring and tinking to do, and I was afraid I’d just mess things up more and make myself more frustrated. I’m sure I could’ve eventually rectified things. Maybe it was just a matter of unraveling a couple more rows. But the fact that I was paralyzed by the situation meant that that wasn’t going to happen anytime soon.

So I bit the bullet and frogged. I know that means I basically lost the time I already put in (again) but it will save me time in the long-run since now I’m pretty sure I’ll actually start working on it again.



So my Summer of Selfish Knitting has been somewhat derailed. June did produce one thing for me – the little felted/non-felted purse. Well, that and the dress, but that wasn’t selfish knitting, and I’m not going to call this the Summer of Selfish Sewing because I have high hopes of cranking out some toddler clothes at some point. And a purse and headband for my niece, whose birthday was a week-and-a-half ago, so obviously I’m way behind on that. But I digress. I have a list of time-intensive me-projects I really want to have completed by the end of summer, starting with Cozy. I’m way off-schedule (though it was a ridiculously ambitious schedule, and schedule is actually a pretty loose term for me anyway). The last few days I’ve just been cranking along on the Never Ending Baby Blanket for Baby J, who is due 2 weeks from tomorrow. Once I get it done, I swear this will then be the Summer of Selfish Knitting for real! (Okay, okay, I do still need to seam two @#@$%^ dinosaurs and I do want to make a little kimono sweater and cap for a friend’s baby due in September, and another friend did ask me in April to make her a pair of socks, but other than all that. Summer of Selfish Knitting. I swear it.)

2 thoughts on “I had to do it.

  1. Poor Cozy đŸ˜¦ I hope the next round with her will go better. Isn’t it hard to be a selfish knitter? I’ve yet to succeed in doing that! I’m here for moral support if you need it!

  2. Poor little Cozy…I’m so sorry about the frogging, but, you will be so much happier and refreshed when you pick her up again! I wish smooth Cozy knitting from here on out! Why is it so hard for us to be selfish knitters?! It must be estrogen, huh?!
    Thanks so much for your kind words about my pets…it really means a lot!

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