The dress

Pardon the hokey posed shots, but here’s the dress I made in sewing class. Even though I did the size that matched my measurements (which the teacher took), it turned out too big, so I’ll have to take it in (wonder how long it will take me to get to that). You can see in the shot of the back of the dress how the material bunches up when I tie it. The last thing I need is bunched up extra material around my post-twins belly.

It’s just a basic linen dress with butterflies embroidered on it and flowers embroidered along the hem, a slit up the left side, and ties in the back. Turns out I’m not as wild about the fabric as I was when I first got it, and I bought too much, so I’ve got extra lying around. Am kinda sick of it at this point.

I think I’m going to make a fall version out of some sort of chocolate brown or caramel-colored suede-ish material, with 3-4 length sleeves and maybe no ties. And the smaller size. And longer.

But now I know how to sew. In a basic sort of way. Here’s hoping I can keep it up….

5 thoughts on “The dress

  1. It looks wonderful! I hope you are able to make it fit correctly (although i think it looks fine!). Great job!

  2. Wow! An actual dress?! A completely wearable and detailed and lovely garmet that you can wear outside your home?!

    I’m not worthy. You go girl.

  3. It looks very nice on you. I’ve had great plans to make a kimono jacket for my husband, but have not yet started.

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