Back to square 1

I’m loving Cozy – really enjoying the yarn, the pattern, and how things are looking. But 2 repeats in I realized that my edges do not match each other. One edge is more of a chain and the other is more bumpy (like garter ridges). I was slipping the first st purlwise but not compensating at the end by knitting the last st of each row. And since every other row is a purl row, well, that accounts for the difference.

So I’m wrapping this baby back into the ball this very moment. Waah.

I’m kicking myself for this, and for forgetting that white/cream yarn doesn’t felt well. I love my little purse but wish that part of it had come out better. It does look better than in the picture, though. I should’ve taken better shots, b/c IRL the flap is not crooked like that.

I think the most frustrating part of unraveling Cozy is that this is likely to count as my knitting time this morning. Happy Monday morning.

5 thoughts on “Back to square 1

  1. Happy Monday back at ya! Sorry that you had to frog Cozy..but, aren’t u happy that u discovered this before u got too far along?! It’s going to be BEAUTIFUL!
    Thanks so much for the kind comments on my blog, u r too sweet.

  2. I agree – I’m sorry that you have to frog but at least you haven’t knit more of it yet. Cozy does demand some attention but in the end she is stunning!

  3. Sorry about the frogging, but it was looking lovely and it’ll be gorgeous when you’re finished! And, you’ll be so happy the edges look perfect too! 😉

  4. Boo! Sorry to hear about the trip to the pond…but, at least you caught it early enough to where it won’t take long to catch up. It was looking fabulous, btw.

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