just a sweet little thing

I thought that after last night’s post I needed to post a little light something. So here is my most recent FO (at last! actual knitting content!). It is a sweet little felt purse designed by Amber. I love it! It has been a nice diversion, and quick. I have skeins of Wool of the Andes lying around in random colors (thanks to my knitted Easter egg obsession). I only had a skein of WOTA in “hush” (lavender) so my purse isn’t as long as Amber’s; it’s more square. And oddly, the cream colored yarn (“cloud”) didn’t felt as much as the lavender. (I seem now to remember reading somewhere that white/cream yarn doesn’t felt well; could that be right?). But overall, I am quite pleased with it. And I found a cute little butterfly button for it.

The purse will go with the dress I’m sewing, which is linen with embroidered flowers and butterflies.

before-and-after felting pics:

You can see how much the body shrank in proportion to the flap. Other than Easter eggs and a test swatch, this is the only thing I’ve really felted. I can see why people are so into felting. It’s fun.

Meanwhile, I’m nursing a burgeoning sewing obsession. Pics soon.

And I’ve made a start on Cozy! I’ve got maybe a little more than an inch done (basically the 3 garter rows and then the first 8-row pattern repeat). It’s definitely going to take a little more concentration and perfectionism than I usually give to my projects, but I think it will be worth it.

By the wayside:
Simply Lovely Lace Socks – soon to be frogged and restarted, since I now realize I did the picot edge cuff all wrong (which is what I get for thinking I was repeatedly misreading the pattern and ignoring one very obvious instruction because of it). Thank you to Leilalu for setting me straight.
Dinosaurs – Bronty has been stuffed and mostly seamed. He has one leg right now and a seam that should’ve been his belly is on his side. He is put away for now till I decide whether to take off the head and leg to make the seam be on his belly, or to forget it and just add the other three legs. Trice still needs to be stuffed and seamed.
Layette – just need to add the buttons for the placket-neck sweater. And finish the other half of the diagonal garter stitch blanket.

Must finish up the dinosaurs and the layette, as I have declared this to be the Summer of Selfish Knitting! And I’m ready to get to it!

8 thoughts on “just a sweet little thing

  1. I’m sure I read something about light colored yarns being bleached, which might affect the way they felt. Not sure where I read it, though.

  2. Your purse came out so cute! I love the butterfly button!

    Looking forward to seeing your progress on Cozy!

  3. Love your purse, the butterfly is just what it needed! Can’t wait to see the dress that you are making.

  4. I agree about the butterfly button. Lovely — I like the whole bag too. And I’m knitting those same socks – let’s compare notes as we go.

  5. It could be that white or cream yarns have been bleached. When I first read your post, I thought that it was the dye that helped the felting, by getting involved in all those functional groups and upsetting things, but now I realise that that was dumb, because untreated wool felts beautifully. I’d guess that in the bleaching, the structure is changed slightly and this makes the yarn fibres less snaggly. Interesting, though. I wonder if there’d be any difference in feltability if you dyed some white yarn and then tried felting the white and the self-dyed.

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