Things I suck at:

  1. seaming
  2. stuffing
  3. seaming
  4. making a pair of things where both items are the same size
  5. seaming
  6. making an i(diot)-cord that doesn’t look idiotic
  7. seaming

Notes to self:

  1. next time just buy the boys stuffed dinosaurs
  2. if you insist on ever knitting dinosaurs or other stuffed animals again, go down at least one needle size smaller than you think you need to, unless you really want the stuffing to show through
  3. if you’re going to make booties or socks, you might want to keep the first one made on-hand to compare to the second one you’re making so you don’t, say, make the top of one bootie shorter by 2 rows (hypothetically speaking, of course)
  4. if you’re not going to keep the 1st bootie or sock in front of you as you make the second, then at least follow the directions a little more closely
  5. given that the newborn will not be walking, people will actually see the bottoms of your handiwork; you might want to keep that in mind the next time you try seaming bootie bottoms
  6. “craptastic” is a very useful word

On a happier note, I have my very first sewing lesson in an hour! Oh, wait a minute, is this craft going to involve seaming too? Oy!

4 thoughts on “Things I suck at:

  1. LOL, I hate seaming and icords…don’t do either very well…especially the do people get them so straight?! I can’t do that!!!!

  2. you are hysterical. i am reminded of a time not long ago i spent an insane amount of money on flannel to make a quilt. the idea of measuring and cutting was overwhelming enough to me and it was then she shared i had to pre-wash the fabric. i was like, you’re kidding! next you’re going to tell me I have to iron it too! (ironing and cuttng a straight line would be in the top 5 of my ‘things i suck at’ list.) Needless to say, the craptastic flannel still remains in it lovely quilting store bag.

    So now, as a knitter, I find myself screaming, to no one in particular, I can’t sew! I’m a knitter! I don’t know how to sew! Seam, darn, weave, add buttons, reinforce, why, why WHY?!?!? OH, THE HUMANITY!!!

    I-cord goes well for me for about 3 repeats and then it’s all to hell. I love felting.

    I hope your sewing lesson was marvelous!!! I’m actually getting some anyway, sans the wretched flannel, and I’m excited!!!

    Glad to see you got a well-deserved nod at AL06 too! 🙂 Take care!

  3. I love both craptastic and craptacular – such wonderful words!!! I hate seaming too…icords, I actually rock at those but I only like to do them when I don’t need to think! The icord bind off? I’m good at that but it takes tooooo long!

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