Organized Knitter?

My constant struggle is between expectation and reality. I have to-do lists, to-read lists, and (of course) to-knit lists that are far too long for me to accomplish in the time I actually have. I also don’t necessarily use the time I do have particularly efficiently. For instance, the boys are napping now and I told myself I ought to take 15 minutes to try to straighten up the clutter in my study. You see what I am doing instead. At any rate, though I am an eternal optimist (hence the fact that I never shorten any of my to-do lists), I also live in a constant state of disappointment about all that I am failing to get done.

In addition to my unrealistic expectations of time, energy, and other resources, I also am a fairly disorganized (and, perhaps, undisciplined) person. I have tried to reform countless times. One small evidence of these efforts is the number of books I have on “getting organized.” My Old Man would hasten to point out that these books are on my shelves in no particular order, simply randomly stuck here and there next to books that have nothing to do with organization. It’s ridiculous, really.

Still, I am trying. It is hard for a person who really only wants to knit, read, eat, play, and relax, to do all the things that are necessay to support those habits. But I am trying.

So here is one small step. I am organizing my knitting (not for the first time, but so far this time seems more effective than last). I have put together a little organizer thing in my study closet to hold my yarn, my WIPs, my patterns, and my knitting books. AND on Tuesday I got this:

Ain’t she gorgeous? I am in love! This is the combination case for straight and circular needles. It was a late Mother’s Day gift from My Old Man, purchased from the very talented Megan Reardon at Organized Knitter. Didn’t she do a beautiful job? I am just so thrilled. Maybe now this little investment will keep from purchasing duplicate Addis (yes, I’ve done it twice so far; only once was I able to make an exchange). Wheeee!

In other knitting news:

  • Reynolds Mandalay is still in absentia. I am stalking the LYS and did get to feel actual skeins of actual Mandalay (I swooned only a bit, and it was small enough that I don’t think the owner was alarmed – in fact, she brought out a toddler sweater she was knitting in it, for me to feel). My color should be in soon. She says she’ll call. I may stop by again anyway….
  • Bronty and Trice are all knitted. Now to the stuffing and seaming, which I dread.
  • The Simply Lovely Lacy Socks, which are neither simple nor lovely on my needles, have been languishing while I work on the dinos.
  • I’ve been blog-stalking in search of pictures of shawls people have knitted in Helen’s Lace. I hope to do a shawl after Cozy but am trying to determine which color. I have spent ungodly amounts of time on this decision.
  • I did precisely one row on my old Diagonal Garter Stitch Baby Blanket (started last fall for a baby who is now several months old, now intended as part of Baby J’s layette). I hope to work on it a little each day….

Well, Tiny Dancer is awake from his nap, and what that means is no study-cleaning for me. Oh well!

2 thoughts on “Organized Knitter?

  1. Scary, you’re attitude to lists and organisation is exactly the same as mine. My sister is constantly saying to me ‘you have no control over your life’ and stuff, but I say ‘who cares? I like my life a bit chaotic’.
    My knitting list is probably over five years long if I were realistic, and that doesn’t include the WIP’s!
    This post made me laugh.

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