Contemplative Knitcast!

In February and May I led a “Contemplative Knitting” group at my church, with the idea of it becoming a semi-regular event. I have a lot of interest in how knitting can be a form of prayer, meditation, or contemplation. So I wanted to explore that with other knitters who had the same interest, or at least a curiosity about it. Our first session we had 10 knitters, ages 20-something to 80-something. Our second session, which we didn’t advertise adequately, we have four knitters – but still a great time.

At the May session, my friend yakmidi recorded it for a podcast. We cut out the parts where there was group discussion, so now it’s about 15 minutes long (from a 2-hr session!), with places where the listener can pause to do his/her own meditating/praying/journaling. It is a modest effort, and it is led from a Christian perspective but with some Buddhist influences (specifically informed by a great book written by a former seminary classmate of mine, Kim Boykin, Zen for Christians, and also by a book by Tara Jon Manning, Meditative Knitting). I know this kind of thing is not for everyone, so don’t feel obligated to give it a listen. I just thought it would be fun to make it available for anyone who was interested. (Special thanks to my friend, colleague, and fellow knitting-addict, Rev. Beth for giving me the idea to record it as a podcast!

Without further ado, my little contemplative knitcast.

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