The Amazing Lace – Meet the Team

Challenge #1*

Internet Dating Relationship
earthchick: 34 (for one more day!)
Cozy: 21 months
earthchick: wife, mom, minister, knitter
Cozy: lace shawl
earthchick: Ann Arbor, MI
Cozy: Herrschners, Inc, Stevens Pt., WI

earthchick and Cozy met online in the fall of 2005, when earthchick’s obsession with knitting came into full bloom; they have continued to meet online regularly, always at earthchick’s initiative. In May of this year, earthchick finally decided to arrange for a meeting, through Internet matchmaker Herrschners, Inc. Unfortunately, Herrschners was unable to arrange the meeting in time for the beginning of the Amazing Lace, so earthchick will continue to see other projects until June 29.**

earthchick taught herself to knit from a book in May 2002 but didn’t really “get it” until she discovered the videos at Knitting Help last September. Before that point, she had only ever finished four objects, all scarves, none very good. She is a continental knitter with a love for natural fibers and Addi Turbos. She is a process knitter who is frequently dissatisfied with her finished objects.

Cozy is a 100% silk rectangular shawl designed by Danielle Schoonover. She will be knitted with eight skeins of Reynolds Mandalay in oatfield. Clearly, earthchick is easily suggestable, as this is the same yarn and same color as the designer used.

Prelace interview
When and where did you meet?
I first met Cozy online in the fall of 2005, when I first discovered the online knitting world. In her profile, she was pictured with another redhead, and I was instantly and insanely jealous. But I was certain that with time, patience, and the persistent honing of my knitting skills, I could make her mine.
Cozy: Well, I haven’t actually met earthchick in person yet, due to an unfortunate set of circumstances involving the word “backorder.” If earthchick’s compulsive checking of tracking information is any indication of her knitterly impulses, I expect I will be getting unremitting and obsessive attention from her for the duration of The Amazing Lace.

If you could describe your relationship in one phrase or sentence, what would it be?
Cozy: Um, stalker-esque?

Why did you decide to team up together for The Amazing Lace?
I have been obsessed with Cozy for some time now. Competing in this challenge with her seemed to be the only way to make her mine.
Cozy: I did not really have a choice. Apparently, what earthchick wants, earthchick gets.

As you begin the Lace, how do you think this experience will affect your relationship?
Oh, I definitely think we will come out of this stronger. Right now, Cozy is a bit distant from me. But soon, I feel certain I will have her wrapped around my little finger. And by the time the Lace is over, I think she will be all over me.
Cozy: Our “relationship”? Well, given the fact that right now we don’t really have one, I guess The Amazing Lace will change it pretty dramatically.

What strengths and weaknesses do you bring to the team?
My strengths include persistence, stamina, and attention to detail that border on the edge of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. In terms of weaknesses, I have a tendency to eat chocolate and not wash my hands again before taking up my yarn. Things could get messy.
Cozy: I suppose I have everything you would expect from 100% silk: beauty, attitude, and a delicate strength. My only weakness is that I am not machine washable.

What strengths and weaknesses does your teammate bring to the team?
Cozy is everything I would look for in a teammate for The Amazing Lace. The consistency and reliability of her pattern is reassuring. At the same time, working with her will be a challenge, especially since I’ve not done much real lacework. To me, she seems to be a perfect combination of familiarity and intrigue. The only weakness I see in her right now is her utter inaccessibility.
Cozy: I think earthchick’s obsessive qualities will be either her downfall or her saving grace.

*this entry is based on the Amazing Race bios of actual Amazing Race teams, found on earthchick has never actually watched The Amazing Race, as she does not watch TV. She feels certain, however, that this will not be an obstacle to her participation in The Amazing Lace.

**In the meantime, earthchick has a temporary teammate – Lovely Lace Socks from Interweave’s Spring 2006 issue. This project involves two firsts for earthchick – her first project on tiny needles (size 0) and her first chart-reading. Already she has screwed up the pattern and broken a needle.

10 thoughts on “The Amazing Lace – Meet the Team

  1. So well done!!! If you knit like you write, Cozy doesn’t stand a chance – she’ll be all over you for sure!

  2. LOL!!!!!

    You know, I have the Cozy page open on Knitty right this moment! I’m going to make it for my mother and since I don’t use animal yarns, I was thinking about what might make a good substitution. I’m thinking some of the new bamboo yarns, which unlike the SWTC bamboo are shiny and sleek just like silk…

    Let me know when you are ready to start making it. I’ll do mine at the same time and we can help each other!

  3. I think that your persistent stalking of Cozy is paying off…and, without the oft happenings of jail which are sometimes associated with stalkings. I can see a lovely, long-lasting, lacey relationship in the making.

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