Friday’s Feast

My first meme. Friday’s Feast.

How old were you when you got your first credit card?
18. Somehow I managed to make it through college without ever racking up debt, though. Things changed quickly after I graduated and was out on my own….

When was the last time you felt out of place?
This morning, at Walmart. I hate that store. I haven’t been there in ages but I wanted some film developed and they’re the only place I know that does matte finish with one-hour processing (only their printer was down so I was out-of-luck). I felt out of place in a snobby way.

Did you have a curfew when you were a teenager? If so, what time did you have to be home?
I think my curfew was usually 11:30, sometimes midnight. I did get an exception for prom.

Main Course
Name a person from history with whom you feel you have something in common.
Teresa of Avila (though I’m no saint). She was a woman of faith who also happened to be fiery, earthy, and passionate. I resonate with the fact that she did not seem to perceive a split between the spiritual and the corporeal. Once, when she was criticized for eating her dinner too lustily as she bit into her partridge, she commented, “When I pray, I pray. When I partridge, I partridge!”

When you read a newspaper, which section do you go for first?
Front page. Except on Wednesdays, when I go straight for the cooking section, and Sundays when I head for real estate.

3 thoughts on “Friday’s Feast

  1. Nah. I just like to torture myself. You know, the whole grass-is-always- greener thing.

    [Even if we wanted to move, there’s no way it would happen anytime soon – we have an addition that is sinking! It has to be fixed. But you know us – it’ll be a long time before we do anything about it.]

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