To Dye For

To Dye For. But not necessarily To Die For.

This is the first sweater I ever started (a week later I started My Old Man’s anniversary sweater, and I finished it first, so it was actually my first sweater). I had such high hopes for this thing. I love the color. I love the yarn (as a finished product; I’m not really wild about knitting with it). I love the bell sleeves. I love the split sides.

But when I put it on, I look like a lump. And that’s not usually the look I’m shooting for. Oh, and the arm seams are too tight. I’m sure I could somehow undo them and redo them, but I’m just not going to do that.

I didn’t do the crochet edge on the neck yet b/c I’m thinking that maybe if I could somehow change the neck it would be more flattering on me. I saw someone else’s online awhile back and she had added a cowl neck to hers. It was really cute, and I love cowl necks. I think between the cowl neck and the bell sleeves maybe people wouldn’t notice the lumpish quality the sweater otherwise gives me.

Thing is, I’m not entirely sure I know how to add a cowl neck. Do I just pick up stitches and start knitting in the round until I think I have enough?

Meanwhile, I’m obsessed with Cozy and dying to get my yarn and start knitting. I really should finish Baby J’s layette first, though. And I’m suddenly also obsessing about making little knit things for the boys’ 2nd birthday (2 weeks from yesterday). Why do I do this to myself? I will tell myself I’m not going to make any handknits for gifts for a particular occasion, and the next thing I know I am making myself crazy knitting Easter eggs and attempting Easter bunnies. I told myself no knits for the boys’ birthday. So why do I keep coming up with all sorts of ideas of things I could make?!? Earth to earthchick: YOU DO NOT HAVE TIME! Get over it.

4 thoughts on “To Dye For

  1. That looks really pretty! Sorry it doesn’t fit too well. I’m not sure how to do a cowl neck–maybe you could search to see if there are any free patterns that have it and follow those directions?

  2. The sweater looks great – I love the color! I hope you can figure out the cowl neck so you’ll wear it more.

  3. The sweater is lovely! Such a pretty color too. I don’t have any advice on the cowl neck (although I think that would be pretty), but for the “lumish quality, maybe you could try wearing it belted? You could even knit something that would match so it would look like it was supposed to be worn that way.

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