A Knitty Mother’s Day

My Old Man overdid it – but boy am I thrilled. Two knitting books – Alterknits and Mason-Dixon Knitting – an LYS gift card, and can you guess what the Easter basket gift is? I couldn’t figure it out either. I kept looking at the needles and thinking, those look exactly like the needles the boys stole out of my knitting bag the other day…. Well, My Old Man wanted to get me this needle case (at my not-so-subtle request), but it doesn’t ship till late May. So he put a bunch of my needles in a knitting basket as a kind of hint that I would be getting a needle-holder-type-thingy. Pretty clever. In addition to all the great knit stuff, he also got us a family season pass to the Toledo Zoo, with the promise to go asap. Yay! [Special thanks to my pal CJ for taking him out all over town to buy me the goods!]

Speaking of My Old Man, he is holding steady for now. He had a few fairly good days followed by a few fairly bad days. Today has been reasonably good, though he stays fatigued most of the time (thanks to the high doses of meds). I think we are both kind of emotionally fatigued at this point – he is just not improving at the rate we would like.

People wonder how I keep all the balls in the air but the fact is , I don’t. My house is a total sty. And when I get a chance to clean it, what do I do? I KNIT!

I am loving the Bernat Cottontots and the sweet little Placket-Neck sweater from LMKG. Only problem – I didn’t get gauge and kept right on knitting anyway. Turns out I was knitting a sweater that probably would’ve fit my almost two year-olds. So now I’m ripping out to try again with smaller needles. Waaah. In retrospect I kind of wish I had just kept knitting and made it for one of my boys. But I really need to do Baby J’s layette first….

Speaking of my boys, they are so into my knitting books. I can’t look at Alterknits without Little Buddha coming up to look at every page, and especially at the pretty girl on the cover, and to ask me, “Who’s that?” And Tiny Dancer keeps finding a way to get Last Minuted Knitted Gifts off whatever shelf I hide it on. I can’t wait till they are old enough to learn their own little crafts and hobbies.

4 thoughts on “A Knitty Mother’s Day

  1. I can remember not doing much cleaning while my husband was on dialysis. I must admit though, I don’t do much cleaning these days either.

    Your man did a fantastic job with the gifts. I especially like the sensitive family choice, the zoo pass.

  2. Ooooo, I got those exact 2 books about a month ago. I thought my head would explode from all of the freat ideas.

    I miss the Toledo zoo! We used to live about 45 minutes away. It’s a great zoo — just the right size for a family visit.

  3. Ack, that was supposed to be “great” ideas. That’s what I get for typing one handed while eating cookies and talking to someone else.

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