FOs coming out of my ears!

Wow – I am getting an unbelievable amount of knitting done here. I wish I had my digital camera to get some pics, but that will have to wait till I get home.

On Wednesday, I finished the anthropologie-inspired capelet/shrug, and then I wore it on Thursday. It needs to be blocked but I think I’m pleased with how it turned out. Though it turns out that maybe shrugs/capelets aren’t really my style.

And then today I actually completed three projects in a row:
1 – Little Buddha’s longies – LTK pattern, size large, Manos del Uruguay, flame – I’m really happy with them
2 – Tiny Dancer’s (non) stripey slippers – LTK pattern, Manos del Uruguay, caribe – I did the first slipper yesterday and then whipped the second one out at a lecture this afternoon. They are really cute, but I keep getting confused at one particular point in the pattern. Also, the slippers ended up being not exactly the same size. Am hoping blocking will help.
3 – To Dye For sweater!!! I just finished the seaming. Wheeee! I can’t believe I’m finally done knitting this thing. I do still have to a crochet border around the neck, so I guess I’m not technically done, but it sure feels like it. The seaming was a bear.

I hope to do one more pair of slippers (for Little Buddha) while I’m here. It’s so exciting to be getting all these things done all of a sudden. It kind of clears the deck for me to start on a layette for My Old Man’s first grandbaby, due in July.

I can’t wait to give the boys their slippers when I get home on Wednesday. More than that, I can’t wait to see all three of my guys – I really miss them.

3 thoughts on “FOs coming out of my ears!

  1. I’m so glad to hear you have gotten so much done – looking forward to seeing pictures when you get home (after spending time with your men of course!)!

  2. Having worked for two-plus years for an airline, I can relate to having First Officers coming out of your ears. One at a time is bad enough; an entire flight crew is torturous. I hope it doesn’t come to that for you.


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