a brief update

I’m here in Beech Grove, and it is lovely. Gorgeous weather and great women (many of whom are also knitters). As people shared updates of their lives this morning, I made good progress on Little Buddha’s longies. I have several knitting goals while here, and as usual I’m sure they are too ambitious:

  • finish the longies
  • make a pair of slippers for both my sons
  • seam To Dye For together – I have finally finished knitting the whole thing! But there aren’t words for how much I’m dreading the seaming….
  • finish the anthropologie-inspired capelet

I brought yarn for other projects as well – a whole little suitcase full – so if I finish all of the above (ha ha ha) I have enough yarn to do several soakers and some socks. While I was packing my yarn and patterns and notions, I discovered the Addi Turbos size 7 that I couldn’t find when I was packing for my trip to Georgia. I ended up buying more Turbos in Atlanta b/c I thought I must’ve been mistaken about owning that size. Now I own two sets of 7s – and both in 16 inches. The cost of disorganization. (Don’t you think this would make a lovely Mother’s Day gift?)

Am missing the boys terribly. But I must admit it is nice not to be perpetually preparing meals/snacks and cleaning up the kitchen. I swear it seems I spend half my life doing one of those two things. For 10 days I don’t have to do one single bit of meal-planning, grocery shopping, cooking, or clean-up for myself or anyone else. What a treat to get to be taken care of.

2 thoughts on “a brief update

  1. What kind of yarn are you using for your longies? What pattern? I need to knit the next size up for my son but want to give some different yarns/patterns a try.

    Enjoy your trip; sounds restful!

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