leaving again

I’m bummed that I haven’t blogged more this week. There have been some pics I wanted to take and post (of current WIPs, of the yarn I bought in Atlanta [Malabrigo and Rio de la Plata]) but there just hasn’t been time. There’s just been so much going on. And now I’m leaving again.

This afternoon, after church, I’ll be loading the car and heading to Indianapolis for 10 days at a monastery with 29 other clergywomen for a conference/retreat. This happens twice a year and it was lots easier to go before I was leaving my heart behind. But once I get there, I’ll be mostly fine. And I’ll get to knit a lot. [I hope to blog a bit there too, but I don’t think I’ll be able to post pics.]

Last night, My Old Man and I were talking about what to do for dinner because there was nothing in the house. I laid out three options, the third of which was ordering pizza. Suddenly, Little Buddha looked up and said, “Peepa! Peepa!” and clapped his hands. So we ordered the pizza. He said the word the rest of the night (and Tiny Dancer did a few times as well, though he put the “z” in it). The funny thing is that neither of them ate one bite of it.

They are doing new stuff like that every day (this week they have been saying “Hold on!” and “Hang tight!” – two things I say to them a lot, I guess – as well as saying, “Please”). I can’t believe I’m going to miss 10 days of watching them grow, 10 days of them saying and doing new things. 10 days of hugs and kisses. 10 days of hearing versions of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, and Ee-I-ee-I-o. 10 days of watching them sleep. It is too much.

3 thoughts on “leaving again

  1. Hey sweetie-just think of how much YOU will grow in the next 10 days. Of course, if they were my munchkins, I’d have a hard time, too. Drive safe and be well. I’ll miss ya and look forward to hangin’ on da flip side. -CJ

  2. CJ!!!!! I’m so honored to get an actual blog comment from you. WOOHOO!!

    Missed seein’ ya after church today. Thought the choir sounded fab – esp. with the piece y’all had to punt on.

    See ya in May!

  3. Hey-maybe by the time you get back I’ll have a blog of my very own! (but, uh, don’t hold your breath or nothin’) *Hugs!*

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