Things Done, Things Left Undone

Life is a bit overwhelming right now, very full and sometimes too much. Mostly good, but not enough knitting and not enough resting.

Things I have not been doing:

  • knitting Easter eggs (the WOTA arrived days ago and I have yet to knit a single stitch of it)
  • knitting Easter bunnies – I did one leg on Friday and was aghast at how enormous it was. Smaller needles wouldn’t help enough to make the pattern work, and I would lose money (and time) if I shipped the yarn back (for worsted instead of bulky). So I decided to do a hybrid of two different patterns to get the size bunnies I want. I knitted a gauge swatch but have done no more.
  • knitting Little Buddha’s longies
  • knitting slippers for the boys’ Easter baskets
  • blogging
  • taking pictures for my blog
  • reading all the good books on my to-read list
  • writing thank you notes that really need to be written
  • getting the boys’ Easter pics taken
  • working out
  • going to bed at a reasonable hour
  • getting up at the ungodly hour I need to in order to get everything done
  • ugh, and I just realized I had some paperwork that was due today that I did not get done….

Things I have been doing instead:

  • enjoying my boys
  • decluttering the basement for at least an hour a day
  • helping out with my Moms of Multiples Clothing Sale (and scoring a slide and a playhouse for the backyard for only $10)
  • getting the locks fixed (all three locks on our house were broken at once)
  • nailing down travel plans for a short trip to Georgia next week
  • planning my Easter menu (including my first attempt at the chocolate Easter bunny cake my mom made every Easter when I was growing up)
  • knitting To Dye For, which has been the opposite of my usual knitting experiences – I’m enjoying the product much more than the process (the fact that I do not just love working with this yarn is slowing me down considerably; I really should be done with this by now. Instead, I’ve got the front and the back done, but not seamed, and one arm started)
  • knitting a row here and there on my Anthropologie-inspired capelet/shrug (which I also really should be done with by now)
  • planning the layette I’m going to knit for My Old Man’s first grandchild, due in July
  • cooking and baking
  • planning a prayer service focused on the crisis in Darfur
  • other Holy Week planning
  • trying to get in 10,000 steps a day (so far today = 9400)
  • attending a most excellent choral concert conducted by my extraordinary friend and colleague (*hi Carole!*) and featuring a masterful performance by genius pianist Joel Hastings, also a friend and colleague

I guess I’ve been doing some pretty good, pretty fun stuff. But I stay bummed out about all the stuff I’m not getting done. There is always so much I want to do, so much I want to have done, and so little time (and energy) to get it all in.

It’s 11:35 now, and I need to turn the diaper laundry onto the next cycle, perhaps knit a row or two, check on the boys, put the house to bed, read a few paragraphs of something, and then go to sleep. And I will let go of all the things left undone….

2 thoughts on “Things Done, Things Left Undone

  1. aww, at least you got all those great things done!:)I’m sure the rest will work out.
    can’t wait to see the Anthropologie inspired caplet!

  2. Oh my gosh, you’ve got a lot going on! I’m sure everything will fall into place and you’ll get everything done.


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