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So this is the fun little thing I mentioned last night that I’d be revealing today – my new blog button! Isn’t it cute? Julie, another khblogger (and an awesome knitter) did this for me – isn’t she sweet? Thanks, Julie! I know people have been just dying to have a button for my blog on their own blogs, so now here ya go. 😉

In FO news, my dad received his socks this weekend and he likes them. Yay!

And in WIP news, I did something both typical and stupid. I’m in the process of knitting my first longies (LTK Picky Pants). This pair will be for Tiny Dancer, in Manos Caribe. They’ve been going really well, and I’ve been surprised at how quickly they’ve been knitting up (which could have something to do with how obsessively I’ve been knitting them). Anyway, I bound off the second legg a couple of hours ago, leaving only the gusset to be seamed and the i-cord to be done for the waist. I tried them on Tiny Dancer. They are quite cute. For capri pants.

Yep, that’s right, they are a full two inches too short. I swear I measured him before I knit the legs. But I am notoriously slipshod at measuring (My Old Man calls me “Miss Approximate”). I briefly considered trying to pass them off as what we used to call “clamdiggers” but have decided against it. So it looks like I’ll be unraveling the cuffs and adding a few inches before I’m done.

Which will be hard since I got yarnmail today – the yarn for the boys’ Easter bunnies, which I’m itching to start on. And of course I need to do more eggs. And there is my To Dye For sweater for myself which I’d probably be done with by now if I hadn’t been knitting eggs and clamdiggers….

One thought on “Button!

  1. The button is SO cool — love the knitting needles through the earth!!!

    Sorry about the longies — measuring isn’t really my strong suit either. 😉


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