Yes, more eggs

my little felted Robin’s egg
Originally uploaded by earthchick.

Because I’m obsessed. And because I have actual work to do that I can’t bring myself to do (meaning I am using knitting as a form of procrastination).

But isn’t this little egg sweet? I knitted it in light blue Wool of the Andes and then felted it. I was surprised at how long it took to felt, but I liked the results. Especially because now you can’t see how odd the top of the egg looks. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, but I’m having the same problem with every egg.

I also did a cream egg with a light blue stripe, which sounds nicer than it looks. [You can see it here.] Maybe I’ll felt it too….

Okay. Must do my real work now. Maybe.

8 thoughts on “Yes, more eggs

  1. Felted looks cool on those eggs! Glad that you are enjoying them, and just remember, if it wasn’t knitting – you would find another way to procrastinate. You’ll get it done though (cos you have to).

  2. {gasp} That is the sweetest thing I think I have ever seen! I agree w/ KnittingNelly. I love the felted one!! Now I think I need to go raid my stash and find all the wool scraps I can and make some of these. So pretty!!

  3. Hee! I’m so happy everyone likes my little felted egg. I have gone ahead and felted the other ones as well, with varying results.

    Dotmom, I used size 6 DPNs with worsted weight yarn (KP WOTA). I did stuff and then felt. I stuffed with yarn scraps (all wool or cotton, so they seemed to shrink in proportion to the egg). I did stuff one with poly-fill and it did *not* felt well. It is now a cat toy….

    [I’ll post pics later tonight of the other felted eggs.]

  4. Oh, one more thing. If you stuff with yarn scraps, it’s best to overstuff. I got this tip from Marnie (aka curlypurly, the designer of the pattern). She says otherwise it will deflate with play, and she’s right. The only one I’ve stuffed just right was the little blue one.

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