Behold the egg

It is crazy how much I am enjoying cranking out these eggs. They are so fun, and so easy, and so quick (like 45 minutes!). And the pattern is just so elegant. I learned a new increase – Knit Left Loop and Knit Right Loop (in the pattern she refers to them as “paired lift increases”). Thanks as usual to Amy for her awesome instruction videos and clear explanations.

The only thing is that I wish I had a more suitable yarn. The first one was done in Manos (color Caribe – a variegated green and turquoise) on size 7s. The second was Malabrigo (color Indigo) on size 6s. I like the smaller egg better and wonder how the Manos would’ve looked on the 6s. The Manos egg just turned out a little bumpy. Malabrigo is also a thick-and-thin yarn to some extent, but not as much as Manos; I think doing it on the smaller needles helped it be a little more even. Still, I wanted mine to be as smooth as Curly Purly’s. (She used Mosaic Moon – which looks soooo yummy).

The boys are going to LOVE these. They saw me making the first one, and Tiny Dancer kept holding it to his face and saying, “Awwww.” That boy knows good yarn when he feels it!

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