Must. Knit. Manos.

Oh, Manos, how I love you.

I have six hanks of Manos that have been languishing in my stash since November, waiting their turn while I’ve cranked out gifts and such. Three hanks are in this lovely color (Caribe) and three are in a delicious red (Flame). They were intended to be longies for Tiny Dancer and Little Buddha.

Even though I’m currently working on my spring sweater (finished the back in January, am now 2/3 done with the front), my hands are just itching to be working with Manos again. I know it’s not quite as soft as Malabrigo (which I also have waiting to be knit). But Manos was the first wool I ever loved, so it has a special place in my heart. In addition to some longies, I plan to make some LTK Stripey Slippers with this yarn. And I am dying to make some of curlypurly’s fabulous Easter eggs . I just don’t know which to start first. Practially speaking, the boys need both longies and slippers. But those eggs are just so darn adorable – and they look super quick. Am thinking I can’t resist much longer. I think I’ll be casting on an egg tonight….

So the fact that there’s a picture in this post means just one thing – my printer is working! I just now fixed it (and celebrated by snapping this pic and uploading it pronto, even though the boys are waiting for breakfast). I don’t know which I feel more: relief or stupidity. Maybe both in equal measure. I had tried everything – check the power cord on both ends multiple times; unplugged everything, turned off the computer, and rebooted; pushed the power button repeatedly; searched HP help for answers. Well, I was just getting ready to try an HP customer service chat when I picked up the little power box that’s part of the power cord (I don’t really know what it’s called – but do you know what I mean?). And suddenly I realized that one end of the cord had come loose from that box! I had totally forgotten there was even a connection there. So every time I checked and double-checked the power cord connection at both ends (the printer and the powerstrip) was in vain since the cord was disconnected in the middle. I’m glad it was so simple in the end.

And it looks like blogger is fixed. I cleared my cache repeatedly on Monday, but I still kept coming up with no sidebar. Then after my post yesterday, everything was back and all was right with the world.

So today is starting off well – printer works, blogger works, Manos has been wound into a ball and is ready to go, sweater is progressing well, small quick project is ready to be cast on, and I’m on the verge of placing a yarn order for some bunnies I want to knit for the boys’ Easter baskets. Now if only I didn’t have any actual work or parenting to do today, I’d be getting so much knitting, pattern printing, and yarn buying done!

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