Technical Difficulties Galore

The universe of technology must be out to get me. First, there’s the problem of this blog. For some reason mine has been having problems for the last few days. For a couple of days, the page was just blank. Now it’s back, but the sidebar is gone. I’m afraid I’ll get booted out of my knitting rings since there is no link on my page! I don’t know what has gone wrong. I didn’t tamper with the sidebar at all….

But even more frustrating is that my lovely printer has seemingly died. It’s an HP Photosmart 8450, only a little over a year old, and I *adore* it. Yesterday morning, my wireless mouse needed new batteries, so I plugged my regular mouse back into my Mac till I could get a chance to install the batteries. When I plugged the regular mouse in, though, I got a message saying I had removed a device improperly (what? the wireless mouse?). And then I noticed my printer was just – dead. It feels like it was a result of the mouse removal, but I don’t know why. Nothing I do will make it turn on. Which is a problem for several reasons:
1 – I do a lot of my work from home, and I have to have a printer to do much of it (esp. since My Old Man will be out of the country this week so I will have limited opportunities to just run up to the office to print, unless I’m willing to haul two toddlers with me).
2- I use my printer to import photos from my camera to my computer. I guess I can find my old cord to connect directly to the computer, but I’m not sure where it is. So it could be I have a photo-less blog for a few days.
3 – I don’t delete pics from my camera until I have printed them directly from my printer. If I wait and just upload them to the computer to print later, I’m not able to print to the special paper I like to use (a matte finish). I’ve never been able to get the printer to print directly to the printer tray (which holds 4×6 paper), only to the regular tray (which holds 8×10 and then can be cut down). So this means that even if I upload pics directly from my camera to my computer, I won’t be deleting them yet and my little disk is going to get full (it’s already very close). Argh!

Okay, enough blog ranting for one day; it’s time to go work on my sweater a bit. I’m so glad that knitting itself is not technology-dependent.

3 thoughts on “Technical Difficulties Galore

  1. Sorry to hear about your printer — hope you can figure out what is wrong with it and get it fixed soon. I suppose you tried turning the computer on and off/unplugging and plugging in the printer? Heh. That’s about the extent of my techincal expertise! 😉

    I’m with ya — I’m glad knitting is so low-tech!

  2. …I’ve been able to see your sidebar, complete with ring buttons, ever since your page came back. Still can. (Have you cleared your cache lately? Sometimes that helps.) And that blank page thing was Blogger’s fault- they were having some equipment problems. :/

    As for the printer: Did you check the power cord at both ends? 🙂 You can also chat with a tech from the link on this page. Sometimes they’re helpful. 🙂

  3. Computer problems are the worst. I never realize how much I rely on my computer/printer/any other technlogical thingey until they are not working.

    Your page looks fine to me.

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