I apologize for my silence this week. I like to keep my blog a little more updated than this, but it has been a heckuva week. A death (a friend, a parishioner, a mother, a knitter), company from out of town (My Old Man’s daughter and son-in-law), a major decluttering venture (of course, since we were having company and our house is a perpetual mess), and now, exhaustion and near-laryngitis. A bit much for one week, but I like to do things big, ya know? Some days this week I have only gotten about 20 minutes of knitting in, and even that little bit only happens because I insist on getting up before dawn, even though I’m so, so tired. Dad’s birthday has now come and gone (yesterday) and his socks are not even in the mail. I did turn the heel yesterday and am now working the gusset. In the homestretch now. Must… press… on….

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  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your friend. I hope things settle down for you soon. Good luck with the socks!

    Amber (from KH)

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