Just another Saturday night.

It’s late. Today’s work is done. I am coming down with a cold. I should be in bed. But here I am, sitting in the dark, wandering around the web….

I finished Sock #1 for Dad this morning and unraveled the original Sock #1 tonight. I hope to cast on for #2 tomorrow, but we have company coming on Monday and there is so much to do. I never realized what ginormous feet men have, but these socks are just huge. I’ll be glad to be done with them and get back to knitting things that seem a more normal size to me.

I think someone has been trying to hack into my blog. Does that sound paranoid of me? There was a weird non-picture picture on here the other day (you know, the kind that shows there is supposed to be a picture but there’s a little x in the top left corner). I had not posted a picture there and am not sure what happened. Then tonight I had an email message from Blogger support saying this: This email is a response to your request for information about your Blogger account. To regain access to your account, please click on the following link…. But I didn’t request info about my account. Is someone trying to get into my account? Should I be taking some kind of precautions?

On the subject of anxious, paranoid ideations, I think Tiny Dancer may have crawled out of his crib tonight. When I went to turn their light off (I always leave it on for an hour so they can “read” before they fall asleep), I found two stuffed animals in the middle of the floor. We never put stuffed animals in bed with them, and these particular two live on top of the bookcase, which is 5 feet high (and, thank goodness, bolted to the wall). My Old Man doesn’t think he got the animals down for any reason. So we are thinking TD crawled out of the crib, climbed up the bookcase, got the animals, played, and then climbed back into the crib. I can’t imagine how he would do all that without us realizing, but I also can’t figure out how else those animals got in the floor.

Unless my blog-hacker is also a stuffed animal stalker!

Okay. Enough already, right? It’s almost Sunday and I better get some sleep….

2 thoughts on “Just another Saturday night.

  1. Yes, you’re paranoid. 😛

    I would have to see the picture, but my first inclination is to say not to worry about it unless it happens a lot. Usually hackers are a little less subtle.

    Without having seen it, the email sounds suspicious, and rather like a phishing expedition to me. An appropriate precaution- in general- is not to click links in emails, especially if you weren’t expecting the email. Blogger (and most good online businesses) should always include the whole url in regular type for you to copy and paste into your browser instead. And if you already have access to your account, there’s no reason to click a link to regain access.

    You can try Blogger’s UnHelpful Desk if you want. But your chances might be better at the help group listed on that page.

    Seriously, watch Tiny Dancer! When my brother was that age, he climbed the face of a dresser, which promptly fell over on top of him. O.O (I feel it’s my duty, as a non-mother, to instill unreasonable terror in the hearts of all new mothers. And no one could ever accuse me of shirking my duties. 😛 )

  2. Hope your cold never materialized, you have gotten some sleep and are feeling better now.
    Good luck with the strange blogger issue – Sounds like phishing to me too.

    I used to climb out of my crib too – and survived. Just keep your eyes open…

    Good luck with the socks – I am trying to finish one for myself…

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