The Reveal!!!!

So about 50 of us from Knitting Help engaged in a covert operation to make an afghan for Amy, KH’s beautiful and talented founder. The project was launched in December and it included a secret website where we talked with each other about color choices (there were four options), stitch possibilities, and the possibility of purchasing a small island where we could knit all day while cabana boys waited on us. A great group of folks met on February 11th for a seaming party, producing a ginormous afghan (7′ x 6′ !) and four pillows. It turned out soooo beautifully. And finally, yesterday, Amy received the package!

I was so thrilled to be a part of this cool project. The folks at are some of my favorite people on the web, and it was a privilege to be invited to join them in this effort to honor and thank Amy for what she means to us.

As you can see above, my humble little square was the “Om” – a symbol of how knitting has become a kind of mantra for me, a way of meditating, a door to my deeper self. Thank you, Amy, for helping lead me down that path. Thank you, KH’ers, for being such great companions on the journey!

Edited to add: I can’t believe I failed to link to the pattern. I’m so grateful to Talitha for the great “Om” pattern. I recalculated it to make a 12×12 square and was pleased with the results.

3 thoughts on “The Reveal!!!!

  1. OMG I love your square!!! I have been wearing an OM around my neck for a few years now. I can’t take it off, it messes me up completely!! Could I bum the pattern off of you????

  2. Hey, thanks, allegra!

    I just went back and added the link to the pattern in my post. I should’ve done that to begin with (I didn’t create it myself). Thanks!

  3. Hey earthchick… thanks for dropping by ma blog! Really cool. Come again some time.

    And i like ya knitting! Well, i can’t knit for nuts. And here in Singapore its real warm so there’s hardly any wool around. haha..See ya.

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