St. Paddy’s chunky roll brim topknot hat

So after all my fuss yesterday over how many WIPs I have going, I put them all aside to knit this little thing up. It took about an hour-and-a-half (have I ever finished anything that quickly? I don’t think so. I see more of these hats in my future!). I came up with the pattern after looking at several different ones and making some calculations and adjustments (I haven’t found much out there for baby hats in bulky/chunky yarns). I had never done an i-cord as part of a piece before (in fact, I’ve only done an i-cord once, as the tie that runs through the Children’s Cotton Hat). The yarn is a baby alpaca, from Fabulous Yarn , color is Candy Stripe Fern.

Anyway, I was pleased with the results. It’s for the four month-old baby of some friends of mine. I gave it to them last night, and he looked so cute in it!

[Now back to my previously scheduled programming, er, WIPs….]

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