The Anniversary Sweater: now in post-production

I am so excited to report that I finished knitting the Anniversary Sweater for My Old Man tonight! I still have to kitchener the underarm seams (12 stitches under each arm) and weave in the ends (which will take awhile, I’m afraid), but otherwise it’s an actual sweater. My Old Man hasn’t tried it on yet, but I have, and I was delighted to discover that it looks pretty much like a normal sweater.

I started knitting it one month ago yesterday, ran into two glitches in the pattern (including one today), had to frog the sleeves b/c they were longer than I wanted (that set me back at least two days), messed up the decreases in one place b/c of a stitch marker that slipped off while Tiny Dancer distracted me (and I put it back in the wrong place and knit 4 more rounds before realizing – and I didn’t frog, I just left the mistake, er, original design feature, in), and I started the Knitting Olympics 10 days ago leaving the sweater to mostly languish. Given all of that, I’m pretty darn impressed with myself for finishing my first sweater in about a month!

Will post pics once I’m through with the finishing details.

4 thoughts on “The Anniversary Sweater: now in post-production

  1. Hmmmm…. what more could I want? To figure out the &*^$% kitchener stitch. Right now I have seamed up one of the underarm seams, only to end up with a hole at the beginning and end of the seam!!!

  2. Did you watch Amy’s video on it? Memorize the chant Knit (off) Purl Purl (off) Knit. But when you set it up, you just start out with the two middle things – take yarn from back and purl the front needle and knit the back, I think. Then start.

    OR just take some yarn in the inside and fix those holes by stitching something together – I’m sure it won’t show.

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