One down. One to go.

I finished my first sock last night! I love it and can’t believe it went so fast. This morning I cast on for sock #2, and have done the first 3 rounds of ribbing.

This pair is going to be for The Best Administrative Assistant in the World, whose birthday is next week. I think when I make myself a pair, I will make them a tad shorter. This time I did them exactly by the pattern, which called for 7 inches from CO to heel flap. I’m thinking when I do my own pair, I’ll do 5 or 6 inches.

5 thoughts on “One down. One to go.

  1. Earthchick – awesome sock! And thanks for the positive feedback on mine – us sock newbies need to stick together!

    On another note, I am also a transplanted Georgian – hailing from Athens, now in upstate NY (yes, real winters too – though not so much this year!). Just thought I’d give a big “hey y’all”!

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