a tad overenthusiastic

In my newfound sock zeal, I went too far. I had mislaid my pattern and didn’t want to take the time to find it when I decided to knit a few rounds early this morning. I measured the sock and it was 7 inches from cast-on. My memory was that I was to do 8 and then start the heel flap. So I knit another inch and put away my knitting to get ready for the day (having already spent roughly 20 minutes on the Anniversary Sweater). Then I found the pattern and, much to my chagrin, discovered that the heel flap is to start after 7 inches. Argh! (It’s the men’s sock pattern that is 8 inches.)

So I’ll be frogging an inch later today, and then I’ll start my first heel flap ever. I hate frogging, because I’m always worried that I’ll somehow mess up the work I’ve already done – dropped stitch, twisted stitch, or some other error. So I’m extra cautious which means it goes a little slow. But once I’m done, I’ll be very excited to get started on the heel flap. Sock-knitting is so much fun!

5 thoughts on “a tad overenthusiastic

  1. I don’t think socks are so fun, but I’m a slow knitter. I’ve only done toe up socks so far and I need to try some other kinds. First I have to finish a gazillion other projects….

  2. That business of “didn’t want to take the time to find” the pattern sounds so much like me it’s scary. Especially the part where you remembered the pattern wrong.

    Hope the frogging went well.

  3. Toe-up socks look intimidating to me. Of course, I was intimdated by regular socks till I discovered how easy they were.

    Gail, I’m glad I’m not the only reckless knitter around! I can’t believe how much time I cost myself by doing that sort of thing. Pure carelessness and then the next thing I know I’m unknitting row after row.

    Oh well. The frogging went all right and the heel flap went great. And I’m pretty sure I won’t make this same mistake on the next sock. 😉

  4. I love knitting socks! I also tend to look at patterns as “suggestions.” Although I am usually so anxious to get on with the heel flap that I shorten my sock! I rarely go more than 5 or 6 inches….No patience here at all!

  5. Vicki, I wish I had gone shorter! They still look longer than I would’ve wanted, but I guess I can go shorter with my next pair.

    I love that you look at patterns as “suggestions”!

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