Dreams deferred.

Every Olympian must face some challenges and setbacks along the way, and Knitting Olympians are no different. In my case, the challenge has come in the form of the dreaded backorder.

On Tuesday, I placed an order for my very first Malabrigo yarn. I have heard the tales of this exquisite yarn – its buttery softness, its rich hand-dyed hues, its vinegary smell. I must have it. So I ordered 6 skeins. Yes, I know a pair of women’s socks only takes about 230 yards and 1 skein of Malabrigo has roughly 215 yards. That’s neither here nor there. I need 6 skeins and that’s what I ordered. 3 skeins of Indigo and 3 of Brown Berries, with the idea that my first pair would be in Indigo and would be a gift for someone whose birthday is coming up, and then I’d have enough for more socks in the future. Because I have a feeling I am going to *love* knitting socks.

On Wednesday, I placed the order for my sock patterns – I’m going to do the Knitting Pure and Simple basic women’s socks. But since I was already paying shipping I decided to go ahead and buy the pattern for the men’s socks and the children’s as well. Why buy one thing when you can buy three?

With 9 days till the lighting of the torch, 6 skeins of Malabrigo on the way, and 3 patterns soon to be in the mail, I was able to take a training break and just enjoy my Olympic dreams. Well, that and knit feverishly on the anniversary sweater I’m making for My Old Man.

But it was not to be. On Thursday, I got an email saying the Indigo yarn was on backorder and wouldn’t ship for 3 weeks. 3 weeks! The Olympics will be OVER by then! So I had to hurry up and order it from another source. And no, I did not cancel my shipment from the original vendor. I mean surely I can find another use for more skeins of Malabrigo Indigo.

Then later that day, more bad news. The women’s sock pattern is on backorder too!! It’s supposed to ship next week, so it should be all right.

Then today, I get another email from the company I ordered the Malabrigo from – the Brown Berries is out of stock too! What?!? How can it take the company 3 days to figure out it doesn’t have any of this yarn in stock? Fortunately, my Olympic aspirations do not depend on Malabrigo Brown Berries yarn. From the 10th till the 26th, it’s all about the Indigo. Which I intend to have in hand by next Friday, one way or another. However many companies I have to purchase from, however many skeins of Malabrigo I have to end up with, I’ll endure it with grace.

So in the manner of Olympic athletes past and present, this Olympic hopeful has faced setbacks and challenges with grit and determination. She’s just a girl with a dream. A dream to knit a pair of socks. In Malabrigo Indigo and nothing less. Her dream may be deferred, but she will not be deterred.

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