Wee knits

Look at my tiny toddler mitt. Is it shameful to love one’s own handiwork? I’m smitten with this mitten. Of course I see the flaws. I had trouble with the thumb gusset. The top looks wonky. And for some strange reason the fourth mitten turned out much longer that the others, despite my meticulous tracking of rows. And, needless to say, my little fellas won’t keep these things on at all. Still, I love them. And, in fact, the boys do too, even though they don’t really wear them. They think they are puppets and so they fight over them.

I did this pair for Little Buddha and a pair for Tiny Dancer in dark blue with a light blue stripe. The yarn is KnitPicks Wool of the Andes (pure wool super cheap!), the pattern is Sivia Harding’s Child’s Simple Striped Mitten (siviaharding.com/Mittens.html). Love it.

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