Children’s Cotton Hat Redux – a failed attempt

So after knitting two children’s cotton hats (the blue one for Tiny Dancer and a red for Little Buddha), I realized the boys really needed hats without bows. So I tried substituting a stripe instead. I was somewhat pleased with how it turned out, only this time I followed the toddler size directions instead of the children’s size, and the darn thing was too small. Tiny Dancer couldn’t even get it on his head!

Then I made another red one for Little Buddha, this time going back to the children’s size directions. I don’t know what the heck happened, but it still didn’t fit. As you can see, it is not so much a winter hat as a ridiculous looking bowler.

And I finally realized that Manos Cotton Stria was not the perfect substitute for the (discontinued) Mission Falls Cotton – for one thing, I should’ve knit it on smaller needles. For another, I should’ve checked my gauge (of course). And finally, what the heck was I thinking knitting cotton hats for winter time anyway?

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