Okay. I’m going to do this blog thing. Really. I am.

I’m gonna get serious about it from here on out. I’ll post pictures, progress reports, yarn finds, and the like. Because I really, really want to keep a photo journal of my knitting life. And because you really, really want to read it, right?

So, starting today I am going to do some backposting of old FOs (Finished Objects) and then start discussing some WIPs (Works in Progress). I’ll begin adding buttons for my favorite blogs and sites and just generally be a better blogger all around.

I won’t talk exclusively about knitting, because I do think about other things, I promise. Like my husband. And my boys. And my church. And this gorgeous messed-up world we live in.

Like many bloggers, I choose not to name my family by their real names – since they are not the ones choosing to blog. So from now on, you will read of My Old Man (my husband, fondly named for a favorite Joni Mitchell song) and my twin sons Little Buddha and Tiny Dancer. Other family members may occasionally appear, at which time I will give them suitable monikers as well.

Let the games begin!

One thought on “Okay. I’m going to do this blog thing. Really. I am.

  1. Hey hey! Way to be! I knew you could do it.

    Knitting seems like it would require patience, time, and a passion for knitting. I have trouble keeping my shoes tied. I admire anyone for being able to do it, no matter what skill level.

    I like those pictures of Tony Danza–er, Tiny Dancer.

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